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Even if it does not have a long path in European market, InsurTech has a short and but very passionate story in Turkey. With its chronical long term problems; like insurance awareness, penetration, density, lack of wide-range saving products etc.; the Turkish industry leaders strongly believe the importance of insurance sector in Turkey’s financial systems and current low rates should be definitely increased.  For making this wish real, InsurTech Hub began its journey couple of months ago with its strong insurance background and the trust on Turkish financial markets. And, at the beginning of its long and challenging way, the Hub was humbly honored to be one of the business partners of DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda), the most inspiring InsurTech event of Europe.

Founder of InsurTech Hub Fatih Acar, General Manager Andrew Warburton and me, as the Chief Editor, participated in the Munich located event. Besides more than 1000 participants from all European and Asian markets, we inspired with the stage performances of 50 hand-picked InsurTech start-ups and keynote speeches of 9 insurance leaders.

The most important feature of the two-day event that should be underlined was its holistic view on insurance sector. All participants showed us a different view from this promising business and brought in different prospects. Nevertheless, I had an incredible chance for making an interview with fabulous Vincent Everts about the Hub and summarized our mission and current operations. You will find the interview at the following link. Please reach us for your further thoughts and comments.

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